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Enter the Wildlife Gardens Awards

Entering your outdoor space for the Wildlife Gardens Awards is free and simple using our online form. Scroll down for more information about the awards, or If you have any questions before entering, please email us or complete the form our contact page and one of our volunteers will be in touch within a few days.

The Wildlife Gardens Awards are open from the 1st April to 31st July each year. When you are ready you can enter the Wildlife Gardens Awards by clicking on the button below:

How big is your space?

We want to understand the combined area that our Wildlife Gardens cover across the Borough, so on our entry form we ask for the length and width of your space, or the overall area, in metres. If you have an odd shaped space or multiple areas please estimate the combined area if you can. As a guide, a metre is approximately one long-stride for a tall person or two average paces for a person of medium height.

If you prefer, you can tell us how your outdoor space compares to to the size of various sports pitches. You can choose from the following, telling us if your space is less than or equal to:

A table tennis table, which measures around 1.5m x 3m. For example this might be a balcony or courtyard.

A squash court, around 6.5m x 10m. Similar to a garden in a terraced house.

A doubles tennis court, around 10m x 24m. A standard allotment is about this size.

A football pitch, 68m x 105m. A large communal garden or small park.

There is also a box to tick if your outdoor space is larger than a football pitch!

RBWM Garden in Bloom Awards

We are delighted this year to be supporting The Garden in Bloom Awards manged by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (RBWM). This scheme recognises gardens which help to brighten up their neighbourhoods, and we believe that a beautiful garden and wildlife-friendly spaces go hand in (gardening) glove with each other.  As well as entering for the Wildlife Gardens Awards, please consider submitting a nomination too for the RBWM Garden in Bloom Awards Scheme at www.rbwm.gov.uk/home/community-and-living/garden-bloom

Check your wildlife-friendly features

You may want to take a stroll round your outdoor space with our entry form to see which features you already have and what you could add to make even more of a difference for wildlife.

We have lots of advice on our wild ideas page for ways you can incorporate more wildlife friendly features into your space, including wild ideas for outdoor spaces.

For people putting wildlife at the heart of their outdoor spaces